Donating to the Friends

We are a registered charity, No. 1102463 since 2004 when the constitution was amended.

Current Activities

Work began early in June 2012 to install a tea station in the NW corner of the church, to move the font to the SW area and also create a display area there, to put toilets in part of the SE transept and to move the Prayer Chapel to a new site in the NE transept under the Rose Window.

More use can be made of this lovely old church with these improved facilities.

The Parochial Church Council (PCC) has insufficient funds for this project so over 90% of the cost will be by a donation from the Friends of St. Mary's.

Past Activities

In recent years we have contributed towards the following:-

Making A Donation

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Donations through PayPal cost 1.4% + 20p since 17 March 2006. E.g. for a £10 donation, PayPal will take 34p in costs.

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